Automatic Telephone
From small, 8 extension-line units to mid size of 100 extension lines. All these systems, with capabilities of interfacing to any external services, like Sat-Com, Cell phone, Shoreline, IP, PA systems etc. We can also provide larger systems on request. These systems are splendid for both new buildings, as well as for retrofit projects, and are based on the best technology from the biggest inventors and producers of telephone systems in the world. We use our expertise to make this suitable for marine use.

Batteryless Telephone
Often referred to as Soundpowered Telephone, our Batteryless Telephone system is actually amplified even though all power supply on board the ship is gone. System contains a low consumption speech amplifier powered by the hand generator on the telephones. Capacity up to 12 lines standard, but 24 line systems can be delivered on special order. We deliver various models to fit the right locations in consoles, cabins and engine rooms.

Public Address
Our standard versatile 5 speaker zone systems, with output power capacity from 120Watt to several thousand Watts, will satisfy most normal cargo vessels, work boats, and smaller ferries. We can also build larger systems based on a series of various modules with alarm, entertainment, A/B loops, surveillance functions etc. to suit any specific requirement. We put big pride in high audio quality in our loudspeaker systems.

Command Talkback
We deliver Loud-speaking Command Talkback system with standard capacity from 5 to 20 lines with various types of master/substations to suit any environment aboard the vessel. The systems are essential and compulsory for mooring operations of the ship, as well as for crew calls etc. Systems can also be combined with our PA equipment offering cost-effective alternatives for smaller work boats and fishing vessels.

We do supply an all-to-all intercom loud/lo speaking system that does not require any central exchange unit. Each station is self-contained by its microprocessor and amplifier. Various types of intercom stations are available, with flexible and useful features, like All-Call, Group Call etc.

Master Clock
With a tradition for making some of the best timepieces in the world, we are happy to be a supplier of Seiko Master Clock systems. We have a wide experience with Seiko and these systems through many years. Possibly, the best master clock system in the market.

Common Equipment
We supply a big range of common equipment like loudspeakers, signal beacons, sirens, power supplies, microphones, headsets, alarm devices etc. We also supply waterproof cabinets, and rack equipment and accessories for racks.