Automatic Telephone

An Automatic Telephone system will take care of all 2-way internal communication between workstations, cabins and all relevant locations. It will also be possible for this system to hook up to any external communication equipment such as Satcom, Cellphones, Shoreline etc. to have efficient communication both internally and to the outside world. The system is easy to use by all people onboard as very often standard type telephones are used.

We can offer both digital (UPAT) and analogue (MARINEX) systems.

UPAT-30, UPAT-100 and UPAT-200
Automatic Telephone system UPAT 30 / UPAT 100 / UPAT 200 is built on modern PBX technology and can accommodate all standard Single Line analogue telephones, hybrid telephones, digital telephones and wireless DECT telephones. Any kind of standard analogue telephone equipment like telefax, modem, answering machine etc. can also be connected. It can handle standard 2-wire trunk (external) connections but also special and future requirements such as ISDN, Voice over IP (VoIP) and various types of trunk equipment.
It will also work with almost any kind of existing standard telephones making the system suitable for retrofit as well as for new builds.
The system can be programmed to give select users direct access to various levels of external communication equipment via their normal telephone. Incoming calls to the vessel can be picked up on fixed or flexible telephone stations according to the program set up. Various user features e.g. Automatic Wake up calls, call diversions and transfer etc. are available.

Marine type Telephone Exchange (PBX) central unit in 9HU,19-inch wall mount rack, with hybrid IP PBX switching technology.
UPAT-100 / UPAT-200
Marine type Telephone Exchange (PBX) central unit in lightweight aluminum wall mount cabinet, with hybrid IP PBX switching technology.

Examples of set-ups (PDF files): UPAT-30UPAT-100USC-1000 telephone/talk-back system

Programmable features.
System supports standard analogue single line telephones (SLT), and digital proprietary telephones (DPT)

Configurable up to 28 (UPAT-30), 64 (UPAT-100) or 128 (UPAT-200) extension ports, including up to 4 (UPAT-30), 16 (UPAT-100) or 32 (UPAT-200) analogue trunk lines. The system is non-blocking in respect of speech paths.

Proprietary Telephones with digital XDP output can supply one further individual telephone, thus efficiently doubling the capacity of the system. Max. 48 digital lines in UPAT-30, Max 128 (UPAT-100), Max. 256 (UPAT-200)

110 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz and 36V DC back up battery.

  • Various types of telephones and peripheral equipment available.
  • Digital proprietary telephones available
  • Panel type telephone UCAP-1 with a modern design that matches the panels of the other systems from Uller.
  • Easy to install

The Marinex Analogue Telephone Exchange is designed for use on board ships for both internal and external communications. A professional choice for both new buildings and retrofit.


With a maximum capacity of 120 internal extensions the Marinex analogue exchange provides all normal telephone functions including priority intrusion, call transfer, wake-up calls, call groups etc. External lines for connection Sat-Com, GSM, Shoreline, Public Address (PA), Paging systems etc.

Internal lines for any analogue telephone with tone push buttons (DTMF) or rotary dial (pulse).

Standard is a dual 24V DC and 110/230V AC power supply with automatic changeover between supplies.

Marinex is available in both cabinet or rack mounted form.

Datasheets – AT

Telephone Exchange Central units:

Marinex 3D digital telephone exchange

UTX-250 Analogue hands free telephone
EEx II-Telephone
Analogue panel telephone FEP 2010
UB-21700 Basic analogue telephone
UB-51491 Basic analogue wall mounted telephone
UP-T7710 Proprietary analogue telephone
UF-AOA De Luxe weather proof telephone
UF-B122 Wall analogue telephone
UP-DT321 Digital proprietary telephone
UP-DT343 Digital proprietary telephone
USC-220 Telephone for handset / headset

Twin-230 Telephone line beacon/siren
UHAT-1 Telephone headset connection box
UHB-105 Weatherproof Telephone tone caller
UHB-90 Telephone tone caller
USC-120 15W Audio amplifier unit
USC-211 Intercom talk-back station
USC-411 Flush mount station
USC-421 Advanced water-tight intercom station

From small, 8 extension-line units to mid size of 100 extension lines. All these systems, with capabilities of interfacing to any external services, like Sat-Com, Cell phone, Shoreline, IP, PA systems etc. We can also provide larger systems on request.

These systems are splendid for both new builds, as well as for retrofit projects, and are based on the best technology from the biggest inventors and producers of telephone systems in the world. We use our expertise to make this suitable for marine use.