Public Address


Our standard versatile 5 speaker zone systems, with output power capacity from 120Watt to several thousand Watts, will satisfy most normal cargo vessels, work boats, and smaller ferries. We can also build larger systems based on a series of various modules with alarm, entertainment, A/B loops, surveillance functions etc. to suit any specific requirement. We put big pride in high audio quality in our loudspeaker systems.

A PA system is necessary to give important one-way messages to people onboard via loudspeakers; normal information announcements and emergency messages. The system can also be used to distribute entertainment from a radio or music CD etc. This will be muted during PA announcements. The system should be able to be divided into several loudspeaker zones where necessary. There are several conditions to be considered according to rules and regulations. Passenger ships have strict requirements for the PA system.

UPAS-120 / UPAS – 240


Our PA systems are well equipped with strong amplification of either 120 or 240 watt as standard, with zone selection, various controls and several enhanced features like digital microphone controls and digital message system. It also has amplifier protection for safe operation.

UPAS-120 and UPAS-240 are generally designed for cargo ships etc. and smaller passenger vessels, but the system components can also be used for bigger systems to be projected at request.

The unit housed in a rack

Examples on set-ups (PDF):

Example 1: UPA-120DP One zone system
Example 2: ICE-510 / UPAS-120 Combined PA and Talkback System
Example 3: UPAS-120 Public Address System

Technical facts

Marine type PA central amplifier unit in 19″ wall rack 6HU.
With two standard amplifier alternatives of 120 or 240 watt output power 100 volt line in 5 loudspeaker zones. 110 / 230 V AC 50/60 Hz and 24V DC.

  • Various types of microphone stations, loudspeakers and peripheral equipment available.
  • Panel type microphone remote controls URC-10 and URC-11 with a modern design that matches the panels of the other systems within Internal Communications.
  • Digital message system for up to 6 pre recorded messages
  • Various entertainment sources (Radio, CD, Cassette) available
  • Easy to install.

Data sheets (PDF):

UDM-10 Digital announcement module
UTP-10 Sound source modules
UFS-381 Monitor unit
UESP-500A Monitor unit
UFS-381 Backup amplifier switcher
ULR-106 / 12 / 24 / 50 / 100 Volume control
UPW-106 /12 / 24 / 50 R Combined program and volume control
UTU-100D3 CD/MP3 –Tuner combination unit
UWHM-025S Hand megaphone with siren

UPA-120DP / 240DP / 480DP Power amplifier 1 channel