Emergency Telephone

Emergency Telephone

Often referred to as Soundpowered Telephone, our Batteryless Telephone system is actually amplified even though all power supply on board the ship is gone. System contains a low consumption speech amplifier powered by the hand generator on the telephones. Capacity up to 12 lines standard, but 24 line systems can be delivered on special order. We deliver various models to fit the right locations in consoles, cabins and engine rooms.

An emergency telephone system is necessary to maintain 2-way communication between vital locations for a vessels safe operation in situations where normal power conditions are out, or in an emergency. Important locations would be between navigation bridge and engine control room, steering gear room, emergency manoeuvre positions for propulsion and steering of the ship. Furthermore, there should also be safe communication to points like central fire station etc. Some locations compulsory equipped with emergency telephones are regulated according to rules and regulations.

The system is traditionally done with a Sound powered Telephone system or also known as a Batteryless telephone system where a hand generator operation both give a calling signal to the called station as well as charging a central capacitor battery that will maintain power for the speech amplifier for a given time.

ET-2 and ET-12

Our ET system has the enhanced benefits of each station having its own amplifier thus minimizing the risk of a central failure, as well as improving the speech quality by improved signal to noise ratio. As a point to point system (ET-2) or for selection of up to 12 lines.

The system can further be delivered in two versions; as a common battery version or with the traditional hand generator. The common battery version being the most cost effective.

The Common Battery system is using a central power supply accumulator which guarantees the system operation in minimum 36 hours. The system would normally be connected to regular 24V DC as well as Emergency 24V DC supply. But even in the event of failure of emergency 24 V DC, the system will continue safe operation due to the built in central battery. The central battery accumulator will under normal power conditions have maintenance charging.

  • Various types of telephones and peripheral equipment available.
  • Panel type telephones ET-12 with a modern design that matches the panels of the other systems within Internal Communications.
  • Easy to install