Master Clock System by SEIKO

A Master clock system is necessary to keep correct local time updated when a ship is moving in different time zones, as well as keeping the correct GMT (UTC) time. The master clock, due to its accuracy, also has a chronometer function.

Uller International Communication has a long experience with the high quality SEIKO Master Clock systems, which we distribute. The Seiko Marine Clock is literally the result of Seiko’s many years of experience and achievements in its determined pursuit of accuracy and reliability. Highly accurate crystal is built in and a Secondary Clock group inboard is driven by the signal of accurate time. Signals for loggers are available.

PDF brochures:

We have made available a pdf file containing all the Master Clock Systems available: General System Brochure
Here are our brochures for the individual Master Clock systems:

QC-6M4 Master clock

QC-6M5 Master clock

QM-11 Quartz Chronometer

0.5 Second slave clocks with second hand: MC-001, MC-002, MC-003, MC-004

30 Second slave clocks with second hand: MC-005, MC-006, MC-007, MC-008

30 Second slave clocks: MC-011, MC-012, MC-013, MC-014, MC-050

Decorative 30 Second slave clocks: MC-015, MC-016, MC016c, MC-017

Double faced bracket 30 Second slave clocks: MC-018, MC-019