BTE-1 / BTE-1A Batteryless telephone

Batteryless telephone for console mount, with 12 position line selector switch, LED indication for incoming calls and hand generator.

Model BTE-1A has built-in system amplifier. This gives the system a high level speech quality compared to traditional Soundpowered systems. In a Batteryless Telephone system one station must contain an amplifier. The purpose of the hand generator is to charge the amplifier for sufficient
speech time as well as giving a call signal to selected station. The station can additionally be connected to a 24VDC supply to have a constant charged amplifier (Common Battery operation). Typically this station is mounted in the Bridge or ECR console.

Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3

By special order we can deliver same for 24 line selection (BTE-124)

• Self powered, generated by built in hand generator
• Up to 30 min conversation on one charge
• Common communication line
• Panel mount
• Made of black aluminium with film front
• Built in relay contact (pot. free) for an external signal device
• Terminals for optional headset for hands-free operation
• Amplified unit (BTE-1A Optional)
• Up to 12 lines (Optional 24 lines)

Data sheet (PDF)