USC-2100 Telephone exchange central unit

By | 13th December 2019

The USC-2100 is compact marine telephone exchange system for larger cargo and container vessels, tankers, large supply vessels, cable layers etc. It connects up to 128 standard analogue 2-wire telephones and up to 16 analogue trunk lines. With USC-120PA amplifiers connected, it is possible to create cost effective PA system, distributing paging calls from telephones.

With the optional USC-211 talk-back unit, the system can implement talk-back functions for mooring stations etc. The built in industrial computer is capable of acting as server for a VoIP (Voice over IP) software. This gives the possibility of connecting VoIP telephones using the ship network. Built-in 7 different alarm tones. The system has a Relay output for connecting directly to bridge alarm systems.


• Default program
• Operator functions
• PC programming
• Up to 128 extensions
• 2-16 analogue trunk lines
• Including terminals for ship’s cable network
• Easy installation – bulkhead using 4 x 6mm bolts
• Swing frame allows easy access to terminals
• Alarm distribution
• Alarm relay output (N/C contact)
• NMEA time signals from master clock system
can be distributed

• Call forwarding
• Call hold
• Call pick up
• Call transfer
• Message waiting
• Wake up call
• Time distribution

• VoIP server
• Loudspeaking Intercom (USC-211/220/411/421)
• Talk-Back function (USC-211/411)
• Simple PA system (USC-120PA amplifier)
• Available as 19’’ 3 unit modul (USC-2100OF) for
rack building

Data sheet (PDF)