By | 17th January 2020

Batteryless telephone for wall or panel mount, with 12 position line selector switch, LED indication for incoming calls and hand generator. Model BTE-2A has built-in system amplifier. This gives the system a high level speech quality compared to traditional Soundpowered systems. In a Batteryless Telephone system one station must contain an amplifier. The purpose of the hand generator is to charge the amplifier for sufficient speech time as well as giving a call signal to selected station. The station can additionally be connected to a 24VDC supply to have a constant charged amplifier (Common Battery operation). Typically this station is mounted in technical machine room area, office or cabin.
On special order we can deliver same for 24 line selection (BTE-224)

• Self powered, generated by built in hand generator
• Up to 30 min conversation on one charge
• Common communication line
• Wall or Panel mount
• Made of fireproof ABS
• Built in relay contact (pot. free) for an external signal device
• Terminals for optional headset for hands-free operation
• Amplified unit (BTE-2A Optional)
• Up to 12 lines (Optional 24 lines)

Data sheet (PDF)